Mckinsey Style Individual Consulting Tool !

분류없음 2008.02.19 01:19 posted by jaewoo

 You can get a consulting with Mckinsey Style charts and graphs.
 The time only companies need to get a consulting is over.
 Each individual can also get a consulting and see how is her or his life on individual indexes.
 You can anaylize your life style with Mckinsey Style Individual Consulting Tool.
 Please, download '' file ,decompress it and run index.html
 This is a work for 2008 Korea Mashup contest !

 This is Ajax Web application program!
 Thank you!

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The paradime of new economy

분류없음 2008.02.18 22:28 posted by jaewoo

Traditionally the concept of economy is recognized as selling products in return for cash. Whole different story, however, already has been occuring now. In terms of knowledge-based economy, not industrialzation-based one, the concept of economy is not just a problem about how many people you can sell your products to. It’s a problem about how many people as possible as you can let know your products or ideas to.

By Jaewoo

Woo's Lab?

분류없음 2007.12.19 17:44 posted by jaewoo

Woo’s Lab is a private labortory which is different from major labortorys like Samsung Economic Research Institute( or Nomura Research Institute( How could one person labortory compete with other major research centers. Even is it possible for small institute to survive in the severe battles of big ones?


Yes, Woo’s lab can. How? I’ll show you it step by step! Attention this small research center! It would show how it could survive from fierce waves of a turbulence.


I believe there is information a small labortory could say, but big one couldn’t. Why? Because we usually expect big Institutes to show enormous-data anylizing reports. They couldn’t handle some trivial data because of their reputation. But Woo’s Lab can do that. Because people doesn’t expect Woo’s Lab a lot. This is a big advantage of my lab.

Here we go! Let’s look at what Woo’s lab is doing!

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